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Hi I am trying to replace the attributedText of a UITextView subclass. I want to change the coloring of the text. to do so the following code is used:

AMR_ANSIEscapeHelper *ansiEscapeHelper = [[AMR_ANSIEscapeHelper alloc] init];
    [ansiEscapeHelper setDefaultStringColor:[receiveView.highlightColor objectForKey:@"text"]];
    NSMutableAttributedString *resultString = [receiveView.attributedText copy];

    [receiveView setAttributedText:[ansiEscapeHelper attributedStringWithANSIEscapedString:[ansiEscapeHelper ansiEscapedStringWithAttributedString:resultString]]];

Problem is: The text does not get replaced; it just seem to add another layer of text, making the text color very strange. Do i need to assert some clearing before i set the Attributed Text the second time?

Here is how it looks: (The text should not be black, dark green and red)

enter image description here) An example enter image description here

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The subclass RegexHighlightView contains another method of coloring the text, therefore multiple colors are painted to the fonts!

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