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I have an array like this, made of arrays with pairs of ids and names:

: array = 
  0: array = 
    53: string = Robert  
  1: array = 
    28: string = Carl  
  2: array = 
    32: string = Anna 
  3: array = 
    84: string = Mary  
  4: array = 
    59: string = Daniel   

At certain point of my php script I'll get an id, and from this id I will need the name.

I know that with an unidimensional array is a simple as $myarray[$id] but with the one above, how can I do it??

Thanks a lot!!

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What would you $id look like? In a multi-array, you just use more []. Like: $myarray[0][53] would be "Robert". –  Rocket Hazmat Jul 1 '13 at 14:15

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If you know both IDs, it's easy:

$myarray[2][32] == 'Anna'

If you know first one, you can use following trick:

array_shift(array_values($myarray[2])) == 'Anna'

If you know only later, it might be wise to flatten your array first:

$newarray = array()
foreach($myarray as $element) {
  $newarray += $element;
echo $newarray[32]; // Anna
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just what I needed, thanks a lot!! –  user523129 Jul 1 '13 at 14:44

You should reconsider the structure.

If you'd like to retrieve 'Anna' if you have $id = 32:

$id = 32;
$name = null;
foreach ($myarray as $row) {
    if (isset($row[$id]) {
        $name = $row[$id];
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You can have your script assign the value of the two different IDs to $id1 and $id2 respectively, and then you can do this:


$id1 = 0; //get your ID #1
$id2 = 53; //get your ID #2
echo $myarray[$id1][$id2]; //outputs Robert


Hope this helps.

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