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When I create a document using the minidom, attributes get sorted alphabetically in the element. Take this example from here:

from xml.dom import minidom

# New document
xml = minidom.Document()

# Creates user element
userElem = xml.createElement("user")

# Set attributes to user element
userElem.setAttribute("name", "Sergio Oliveira")
userElem.setAttribute("nickname", "seocam")
userElem.setAttribute("email", "seocam@taboca.com")

# Append user element in xml document

# Print the xml code
print xml.toprettyxml()

The result is this:

<?xml version="1.0" ?>
<user email="seocam@taboca.com" name="Sergio Oliveira" nickname="seocam" photo="seocam.png"/>

Which is all very well if you wanted the attributes in email/name/nickname/photo order instead of name/nickname/email/photo order as they were created.

How do you get the attributes to show up in the order you created them? Or, how do you control the order at all?

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Why do you want this? Attributes in XML have per definition no order (in contrast to elements). Is it just for beautification? –  Boldewyn Nov 16 '09 at 8:03
If I have an XSD that specifies the attributes in order C-B-A and I can wrie them only in order A-B-C, am I satisfying the XSD? –  hughdbrown Nov 16 '09 at 13:39

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According to the documentation, the order of attributes is arbitrary but consistent for the life of the DOM. This is common across DOM implementations. Sorry.

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