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Is there any alternative to synchronize class or method without using 'synchronized' keyword in java ?

Thanks, Mallikarjun Kokatanur

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You may want to look at the changes introduced with the concurrency package, to JDK 5.


Here are some of what is in the article:

  • Semaphore: A classic concurrency tool
  • CyclicBarrier: A resettable multiway synchronization point (useful for parallel programming)
  • CountDownLatch: A utility for blocking until a given number of signals, events, or conditions hold
  • Exchanger: Allows two threads to exchange objects at a rendezvous point, and can be useful in pipeline designs
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You could use a "lockable" resource, such as a file.

You can also look at java.util.concurrent.locks which has more sophisticated locking.

Why don't you want to use synchronized?

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check out Lock classes from java.util.concurrent.locks package, which can be more flexible than synchronized methods.

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