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I realise their are numerous questions regarding this issue and I have read them all, but I still cannot get this to work!

I have:

  • Created my project in the API console
  • Enabled Places API in services
  • Created a new IOS API Key (repeated this step twice now)
  • Tried the request with sensor=true, sensor=false and no sensor param at all
  • Tried HTTP and HTTPS

Those are all the fixes I found within the existing questions regarding this issue, have I missed anything? Here is a sample URL I am using to test:

And yes, I am replacing 'MYKEY' with my actual API key :).

I am developing an IOS app using monotouch but I don't really see how that is relevant as I can't get this to work in the browser either.

Any help would be hugely appreciated! Been stuck on this all day now.

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Further note: I am successfully using the Google maps IOS SDK with the SAME api key that I am using to submit the places requests so the API key must be valid for places right? – user1919565 Jul 1 '13 at 15:03
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I believe you want to be using your "Simple API Access" key (not an Android/iOS key). The documentation mentions this as the last step.

I tried your sample URL with my Simple API Access key and it was successful.

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I'm an idiot.. Thanks so much for that pointer, I had actually tried it with my browser key at some stage but was probably using an invalid url or something. – user1919565 Jul 2 '13 at 8:53

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