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I am building a solution which connects to S3. I use gSoap++ generated files. But receive an error:

1>c:\program files (x86)\microsoft visual studio 10.0\vc\include\xlocnum(133): error C2129: static function 'void soap_serializeheader(soap *)' declared but not defined
1>          c:\gsoap-2.8\gsoap\stdsoap2.h(2228) : see declaration of 'soap_serializeheader'

I have checked file which I have included to my solution soapC.cpp, this method exists:

SOAP_FMAC3 void SOAP_FMAC4 soap_serializeheader(struct soap *soap)
    if (soap->header)
        soap_serialize_SOAP_ENV__Header(soap, soap->header);

How to fix this error? Thnx.

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Just a wild guess: do you have your includes done well? Particularly, have you #included *.nsmap file?

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Remove "soapClientLib.cpp" from your project.

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