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I've got a basic WPF image control that allows for panning by dragging the image and zooming using the mousewheel. It works fine for panning and zooming in, but zooming out is a bit unpredictable, particularly if you move the mouse when zooming out as the image starts jumping about all over the place.

At the moment, I have a MatrixTransform bound to the Image and I'm altering the transform when the mousewheel changes by doing the following:

Image image = null;
Border border = null;

if (GetControlsFromEventArgs(args, out image, out border))
    Point p = args.GetPosition(border);
    Matrix m = this.transform.Value;
    if (args.Delta > 0)
        m.ScaleAtPrepend(1.1, 1.1, p.X, p.Y);
        m.ScaleAtPrepend(1 / 1.1, 1 / 1.1, p.X, p.Y);
    Transform = new MatrixTransform(m);

GetControlsFromEventArgs isn't doing anything more complicated than getting the Image from the OriginalSource from the MouseEventArgs and it's parent Border control.

What I need is a more predictable zoom-out action. Ideally, I would quite like to emulate the way Paint.Net, and probably most other imaging apps, handle zooming out; the image is kept in full view whenever possible rather than purely zooming out around a given point.

I've put the full solution of what I've got so far here: PanZoomDemo.zip


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See my solution: stackoverflow.com/a/16947081/643085 –  HighCore Jul 1 '13 at 15:34

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