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I create the following applet-->

import java.awt.*;
import java.awt.event.*;
import java.applet.*;
public class Adapting extends Applet
public void init()
addMouseListener(new MyMouseAdapter(this));
addMouseMotionListener(new MyMouseAdapter(this));
}//end of class

class MyMouseAdapter extends MouseAdapter
Adapting a;
public MyMouseAdapter(Adapting a)

public void mouseClicked(MouseEvent me)

public void mouseMoved(MouseEvent me)
a.showStatus("Moving Mouse at "+me.getX()+","+me.getY());
/*<applet code=Adapting height=500 width=600></applet>*/

For both the listeners corresponding to MouseEvent, i.e MouseListener and MouseMotionListener, i use the adapter class MouseAdapter. If, the MouseAdapter class is getting my work done for listening Mouse Motion Events also, what is the use of the class MouseMotionAdapter ?

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May be it was created to keep a naming convention. You have a MouseAdapter for MouseListener and correspondingly a MouseMotionAdapter for MouseMotionListener. –  Extreme Coders Jul 1 '13 at 16:27

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MouseAdapter implements more interfaces and contains more methods than MouseMotionAdapter, so it can be more cumbersome to use in an IDE and perhaps have some minor performance implications.

If you need a MouseListener as well as a MouseMotionListener, you should use a MouseAdapter. If you don't need the MouseListener aspect, then you can use MouseMotionAdapter. Since you seem to be overriding mouseClicked, which is declared in MouseListener, stick with MouseAdapter.

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