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I want to write a small linux tool that automates the download of eBooks. From my online library I can download an ACSM file. Now I need a step to automatically download the epub file. From what I've read this step is called fulfilment. The tool shall run on a headless server.

Right now I'm scripting wine and Adobe Digital Editions. But that is quite ugly and requires a graphical user interface. While this works fine on my PC, it doesn't work on a headless server.

Does anyone know a library that I could use? Or a documentation of the fulfilment process so I could implement my own library?

In "PDF -Adobe Digital Edition" I saw a reference to the ADE_LauncherSDK_DevNet.pdf but I do not understand how to use this in an application.


  • I do not want to remove the DRM, I just want to get the epub file.
  • The tool will be open source, so I do not want to buy anything from Adobe.
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