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I want to import simple products by magmi, installed already and the csv created with one sample product, magmi can read it but not inserting it, the csv is the default but with media_gallery column i don't know what to check for plugins and what configuration should i use, the categories not created so i checked (On the fly category creator/importer v0.2.3) and (Image attributes processor v1.0.25), is there any way i can know more details about the reason the importing not working like a error log ? and simply how i can import via magmi ?

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i think it is related to mapping, as i am using categories column but i can't find the csv at magmi/plugins/itemprocessors/genericmapper/mappings , no itemprocessors directory –  MahmoudMustafa Jul 1 '13 at 16:29

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First of all, you can get most of the information on their website.

After that you can run magmi with the command from your magento root directory:

$ php magmi/magmi.cli.php -mode=xcreate -SKUF:matchfield=sku

All the configuration should be in /magmi/config. The logs you're gonna find in /magmi/state

That is the basic information you need to get started.

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Thanks Madina it was reconfiguration by me and now it is working just perfect except of the image,small_image and thumbnail are get execute even after adding the + before i have to uncheck manyally .. trying to fix it –  MahmoudMustafa Jul 2 '13 at 12:38

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