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I'm setting up my rails app to use authentication from Google Apps, using a combination of devise and omniauth. Thing is, I'm ONLY using omniauth for the actual authentication so I need to reroute the sign in / out routes. The problem is that I can't seem to get the route right. Below is as close as I have achieved (only for sign in so far), but it doesn't give it the access token that it needs. Additionally I haven't the slightest clue what to do to sign the user out.

devise_scope :user do
  get 'sign_in', :to => 'users/omniauth_callbacks#google_apps', :as => :new_user_session
  get 'sign_out', :to => 'devise/sessions#destroy', :as => :destroy_user_session

Relevant routes:

user_omniauth_authorize GET|POST /users/auth/:provider(.:format)        users/omniauth_callbacks#passthru {:provider=>/google_apps/}
user_omniauth_callback  GET|POST /users/auth/:action/callback(.:format) users/omniauth_callbacks#(?-mix:google_apps)

So basically, how do I route the sign in so that it successfully uses the omniauth path?

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