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I have an NSOutlineView and a stack of objects, you can imagine it is a tree of files.

Outline view with icons

So I tried to extend the NSTextFieldCell class to parse the name of the current item and render an icon for it. But I am still stuck in the icon part. I simply can't get a standard-hardcoded-image to work!

I tried many tutorials, the only one I got to work is a class called PXSourceList, but it was designed for OSX 10.7+. Also the majority of these tutorials use AppDelegate with the NSOutlineViewDataSource protocol and I also want the code to be managed elsewhere, not in the APPDelegate class.

Can someone give-me some directions on the first steps? I think a bit of enlightenment on how the general logic surrounding the icon thing would be enough. I appreciate!

I use XCode 4.2 for Snow Leopard. The project I'm on is supposed to work in OSX 10.6+, so I can't use the new Lion approach of cells using NSViews.

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You can get the file icon from its path as follows;

NSImage *iconImage1 = [[NSWorkspace sharedWorkspace] iconForFile:filepath];

You need an image cell to display the icon image.

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