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I'm trying to determine the number of columns I have displayed on various viewport sizes. I found this this.masonry.cols on http://isotope.metafizzy.co/docs/extending-isotope.html#helper_methods

I haven't managed to get anything out of that though. Does anyone have experience using it?

Many thanks

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I came across your question looking for the same thing, and thankfully the answer is on the page you linked to.

this.masonry.cols is an internal variable. It's there for the functions inside isotope to use... So if you want to use it yourself, all you need to do is extend isotope.

Example - display number of columns in the console

Assuming you're using the jQuery method, do the following before you start using isotope:

$.extend( $.Isotope.prototype, {
  myMethod : function() { console.log(this.masonry.cols) }

Then, once you initialise isotope on a container element, you can simple run your new function like so:


That will output the number of columns in the console log.

Does that help you? If you explain exactly what you're trying to achieve I can help you further.

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