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I have a 200 line long stored procedure, which gets a parameter 'prmtr',

What I want to do is add an "sql part" to my stored procedure, according to my parameter.


SELECT * FROM table1
) A

IF (my parameter) = a

SELECT * FROM table2
) B
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You can do it like this

FROM    (
    		SELECT	* 
    		FROM	table1
    	) A LEFT JOIN 
    		SELECT	* 
    		FROM	table2
    	) B ON	@prmt = 'A'
    		AND	A.ID= B.ID
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That works for my question but how about attaching an sql part like "WHERE A.ID IN (SELECT ID FROM newTable)" , depending on my parameter ? – stckvrflw Nov 16 '09 at 9:39
You could switch a WHERE statement like WHERE @prmt <> 'A' OR A.ID IN (SELECT ID FROM newTable) – Andomar Nov 16 '09 at 9:40
thanks for the cool answers guys. :) – stckvrflw Nov 16 '09 at 9:50

You cannot change a query like this - so you have two choices:

  • have two separate queries in the SPROC (one for each branch) - OK for two, but doesn't scale very well to more complex combinations
  • use dynamic SQL; i.e. build the query in a varchar(4000) and use sp_ExecuteSQL to invoke it; fairly obviously you can change a string to include an extra 'LEFT JOIN ...' etc.

All that said, though, I generally prefer a single SPROC to always return the same schema - it completely messes with most ORM tools if you change the columns based in the parameters. Something to watch...

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