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I've created a tooltip (using JQuery UI) with a connector for an image. Fiddle is here


    position: { my: "left bottom-5", at: "left top",
    using: function( position, feedback ) {
        $( this ).css( position );
        $( "<div>" )
        .addClass( "arrow" )
        .addClass( feedback.vertical )
        .addClass( feedback.horizontal )
        .appendTo( this );
show: false,
hide: false 

The tooltip on the bottom image, when a collision is not detected, looks great. But when a collision is detected (top image), the tooltip flips to the bottom, but the positioning of the arrow is wrong.

I'm new to the Positioning element. How would I ensure that when the tooltip flips, it stays together and lines up with the image's bottom as it lines up with the top?


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Just add margin-top:10px to the following rule. so that arrow gets stuck to the tootip block section.

.arrow.top {
    top: -16px;
    bottom: auto;
    margin-top:10px; /*This one*/


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Perfect, thank you! –  CMH Jul 1 '13 at 18:16
@CMH You are welcome... –  PSL Jul 1 '13 at 18:16

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