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I have a site on which there's few links(hrefs) and each of those links is showing a set of inputs type=checkbox (which are generated from the backened), when you click on a link it shows lets say 10 of inputs, other ones become display:none;(on load there's just an initial set of those checkboxes by default) and with jquery i've made so you could just toggle which checkboxes you want to see.

Now i need to make an object in which i can put everything that's checked, their names and values, so when i click on a button i can send it to the backend via ajax.

The function wich calls ajax "and gets values and names is":

function Bada() {

    var obj = $('.custom input[type="checkbox"]');

    var checkedCount =  obj.filter(':checked').length;
    var checkedInputs = obj.filter(':checked');
    console.log('The console is working');
    for(check in checkedInputs){
    delete window.checkedInputs;
    delete window.obj;

                 url: "/getItems",
                 type: "post",
                 data : { form: childCount, count: checkedCount },
                 success:  function(responseText){


             //unfocus the button after the call to server, otherwise the marker stays in the text of the button as if that text is selected


The problem i'm having is as follows: when the page loads and there's those initial checkboxes on view(other one's in display:none;), everything works, i get a name of checkbox and the values, but as soon, as i click on a link and it sets on display other set of checkboxes and puts the previous ones in display:none;, when i click the button again, instead of getting the names and/or values of checked checkboxes it displays all of the previous checkboxes (checked and unchecked, the whole list of them, which was previously and the current ones shown as well , but totally ignores if anything's checked or unchecked). So i thought that i create an object and it keeps those values, doesn't overwrite them, but adds new values to previously and was totally puzzled why suddenly it ignores the filter, that's why i tried to "empty" the object by putting delete window.obj;, but it didn't do a thing. So what's wrong here? And if there's any tips in general on what i've wrote, would be glad to hear them:) Thanks!

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Here obj and checkedInputs are not part of the global window object –  A. Wolff Jul 1 '13 at 16:53
Do you have some sample html we could see, perhaps a live demo? Help us to help you. –  David Thomas Jul 1 '13 at 20:12

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Inputs not sent when is hidden. Its part of standar of HTML. Form sent inputs only visible objects.

childCount is not defined.

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That's not true. disabled inputs are not posted, but hidden i.e. input type='hidden'.. elements are. –  Ian Clark Jul 1 '13 at 17:00
is true, I got confused. –  WHK Jul 1 '13 at 17:03
Not sure what do you mean about sent, if you mean that they are not sent to the server, then that's not what i am doing here. I'm trying to build and object with those inputs and then send it. Everything works, until i'm trying to build that object from previously been display:none; checkboxes to now(after clicking the link) display:block;. And jQuery sees those inputs, but then the filter is ignored on :checked –  Belhor Jul 1 '13 at 17:38
When i'm clicking on a href, i'm also clearing all the checkboxes with the following code: $(function(){ var checked = true; $('.custom input[type="checkbox"]').prop('checked', checked).next().toggleClass('checked', false); }); –  Belhor Jul 1 '13 at 17:42
Use multiple inputs[] with array formats: and serialize() function. –  WHK Jul 1 '13 at 21:11

You could maybe try to push all the checkboxes into an array, and then store them into a variable like this:

    function Bada() {

     var checkboxes= [];
        var together = checkBoxArray.join();

            url     : '/getItems',
            data    : {
                    'someproperty'      : together
        success : function(response) { 
        } ...

under the condition that you give the checkboxes some data-id in the markup, and that data-id is not created dynamically. That way, you will get all the checkboxes stored and sent properly along with any other data you may have, here is just an example of what you could try.

I used a similar method when I needed to store multiple checked/unchecked options and send them via AJAX.

Let me know if this was any helpful to you.

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