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I've got a button which should initiate file upload. I've placed file input and that button on the same form. I use jQuery Form plugin to upload the file:

    $("#file").change(function (event) {
            dataType: "json",
            beforeSubmit: function(formData, form, options) {
                /* show activity indicator */
            success: function(response, statusText, xhr, form) {
                /* process results */
            error: function() {
                /* handle error */

    $("#thebutton").click(function() {

I'm debugging on server side.

If I use file input to choose a file (by clicking Browse button) file is submitted and everything is just fine.

However if I click #thebutton and choose the file, the file on server side is null (although other fields of the form are submitted as usually).

What can you suggest?

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