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Anyone got a migrate module that they use to migrate mongodb data with the mongoose plugin?

I am currently using the 'migrate' module and it works great except for the fact that I need to create/destroy my connection in each up/down.


// Setup mongoose
var mongoose = require('mongoose')
  , Role = require('../models/role')
  , User = require('../models/user');

exports.up = function(next) {
  // get a brand new connection for this patch.

  var adminUser = {
    username: 'admin',
    password: 'admin'

  User.createUser(adminUser, function(err, user) {
    if (err)  {
       mongoose.disconnect();  // Make sure to close connection
       return next(err);

    mongoose.disconnect(next); // Make sure to close connection

exports.down = function(next) {
  mongoose.connect('mongodb://localhost/sagedb'); // new connection for down

  User.getUserByUsername('admin', function(err, user) {
    if (err) {
      mongoose.disconnect(function() { // make sure to close connection
        return next(err);

    if (!user) {
      mongoose.disconnect(); // make sure to close connection
      return next();

    User.deleteUser(user, function(err, user) {
      console.log('deleted user');
      mongoose.disconnect(next); // make sure to close connection

Probably a much better way to do this. Wondering if the only option is to create my own module that starts the connection once and closes it when all patches are complete.

I have seen mongoose-migrate which tracks migration in database collection. Not really specific to mongoose IMHO, I would rather still use the .migrate file but only have to open the connection once.

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