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I have problem with query, which based on recursive clause:

I have two tables: menu (menu categories) and menu_items (items in those categories). Those tables are join: each category can have some items. The order in view the menu on site is based on column: 'menuitem_next'. The join column is menuitem_parent. And now, I want to view the menu, so I use query:

select * from menu m left join 
    (With RECURSIVE submenu AS 
        (Select * from menu_item where menuitem_name not in 
            (select menuitem_next from menu_item where menuitem_next is not null) 
        Union all 
            SELECT mi.* FROM menu_item AS mi JOIN submenu AS sm ON 
        SELECT * FROM submenu 
on m.menu_id=r.menuitem_parent order by m, r

And order in result query is not properly. Categories is sorted by id, and menuitems are sorted properly with 'menuitem_next' column. Can anyone help me in modify this query or in writing new ?

I'm sorry for my not good english.


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The usual shortcomings: Postgres version, table definition, test data, expected result (which would help to understand your requirements). Please amend. –  Erwin Brandstetter Jul 1 '13 at 17:44
What have you meant by ORDER m, r? What is m and what is r? It looks like all your columns have meaningful names. Are you by any chance trying to put table aliases in there? –  peterm Jul 2 '13 at 2:04

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Unless there is an ORDER BY in the outer query, there is no specific ordering defined for the query.

Your query construction is very weird, so I've restructured it to keep the CTE as the outer query:

submenu AS (
    SELECT * from menu_item 
    WHERE menuitem_name NOT IN (
        SELECT menuitem_next
        FROM menu_item 
        WHERE menuitem_next IS NOT NULL
     SELECT mi.* FROM menu_item AS mi 
     INNER JOIN submenu AS sm
     ON (mi.menuitem_name=sm.menuitem_next)
FROM menu m
LEFT OUTER JOIN submenu sm
ON m.menu_id = sm.menuitem_parent
ORDER BY m, sm;

At this point it becomes clear that your ORDER BY clause is on the whole tuple from submenu, not a field from it. Perhaps you meant to order by a specific field?

You don't specify field-lists in your SELECTs so I can't actually tell what the fields are. This isn't very good practice since it'll cause unexpected results if you add columns to the tables later; you should always list columns explicitly rather than write SELECT *.

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Thank you for response. I have done it in java code. I mean I made simple query which join two mentioned tables, and I have ordered them using java code (I made something like linked, one-direction, list). Regards –  user2539823 Jul 8 '13 at 12:23

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