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So here is my setup: I have an existing multi-module Java project that I want to introduce some Scala code into. But once I've added a single Scala class, whenever I rebuild the project it now uses scalac to compile the entire project, not just the scala source. And as I'm sure you know, this is MUCH slower. It went from taking 12 seconds to recompile the entire project to over a minute and 10 seconds. Huge difference. So my question is, can the project be configured such that scalac is only used for scala source, and javac is used for the rest of the project? By way of more info, we use Gradle for our build/configuration management. Would this be easier if I put all scala code into a separate module, or would that even make a difference? Your help would be much appreciated!

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Scalac does not have a Java compiler, it will just invoke Javac. So the slowdown probably comes from recompiling the Scala code each time with "cold start". I don't know Gradle and how it integrates with IntelliJ's build system, but you may want to use the IntelliJ scala-plugin's compile server or sbt to incrementally compile the project which should be much faster than running Scalac from scratch each time. –  0__ Jul 1 '13 at 21:03
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