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I am testing Visual Studio 2013 Preview. The Browser Link feature (codenamne Artery) lets me update browsers I have opened to my web site using the Ctrl-Alt-Enter sequence.

At Build 2013, they demonstrated a feature of VS2013 Preview where the user can configure it so the running browsers automatically refresh whenever the HTML and CSS is modified.

How do I do that with Visual Studio 2013 Preview?

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That feature isn't in the Preview build. It was an extension I wrote for a newer nightly build of VS2013. It will be available in the final release of VS2013

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I was about to write that my VS2013 at work doesn't do this. While the one at home does and what the could be the difference. The difference of course is that I hadn't installed Web Essentials 2013 at work yet. –  Lars Holm Jensen Nov 5 '13 at 10:49
The Web Essentials 2013 extension is now available. –  Dennis Nov 21 '13 at 5:20
This is still not available. I tried changing a Razor view HTML but there's no automatic browser refresh. :( Am I wrong? I have Visual Studio 2013 Ultimate Update 2 CTP and Web Essentials 2013 1.9.6 (from the nightly build channel). –  Leniel Macaferi Mar 7 at 18:49
It's only for CSS files. It's a whole different ball game to get HTML auto-sync working. We've started the effort and hopefully it will make it into a VS update –  Mads Kvist Kristensen Mar 13 at 1:48
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