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I'm trying to figure out how to open an external link inside a cordova web view without the "InAppBrowser" or system browser.

Initially I've tried to directly pass a link to the web view, blank page. So I've put an iframe in a local html file, it only opens local files.

Then I tried to use:

 window.open(myUrl, '_self');

He keeps opening this link in the "InAppBrowser", even if the whitelist doesn't exist, since I've put this:

     <access origin="*"/>

in the config.xml file.

I have no more ideas. Please, give me some... By the way I'm using the latest cordova.

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I had to put this line before the initialization of the web view


They need to clear their code a little bit, or at least update their docs.

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Use window.location.href=""


<a href="[your External Link]">External Link</a>.

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Already tried without any result. –  ghzmdr Jul 3 '13 at 22:16

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