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upgrading to capybara 2.1.0 i cant use visit method in spec/support (got undefined method 'visit').

code as follows:

include ApplicationHelper
include SessionsHelper

def sign_in(user)
  visit signin_path
  fill_in "Email-signin",     with: user.email
  fill_in "Password-signin",  with: user.password
  click_button "Sign in"

i tried get instead of the visit but i also got undefined method 'get'

any other method i can use?

edit: i'm using ruby 4.0.0 and capybara 2.1.0 capybara made a change in 2.1.0 that their DSL only available in spec/features and since this function written in spec/support i cant access the DSL of capybara. i dont mind that, thats why i search for visit alternatives

Walkaround i added include Capybara::DSL in the top. however i got including Capybara::DSL in the global scope is not recommended! which i agree and i want to change it.. so for now its a quick fix.

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Do you have any capybara functionality working? Just wondering if your gem is installed correctly. –  Peter Alfvin Jul 1 '13 at 23:17
see edit. capybara works fine in spec/features –  nir Jul 2 '13 at 8:38

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