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Normally, this is a trivial task, but I cannot figure out how to bind to the "change" and "changing" events of the ScrollView widget. I need to bind after declarative initialization of the widget. I am attempting to do this in my view's init function

Here's what I've tried:


<div id="scrollview-container" data-role="scrollview">...</div>


initView(e) {
    $("#scrollview-container").data("kendoMobileScrollView").bind("change", function(e) { console.log("change event"); });

Any help would be greatly appreciated. I am using Kendo UI v.2013.1.319 and JQuery 1.9.1


After further testing, I can bind to the change event, but only for swiping pages. Programmatically changing the page does not trigger the change event. No big deal i can work around that.

For some reason, I cannot bind to the changing event at all. Mysterious to me...

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Seems ok to me. Are you sure that you get back the scrollView object when you run this $("#scrollview-container").data("kendoMobileScrollView") Try a debugger to be sure on what you get there. – AntouanK Jul 1 '13 at 19:42
@Antonis, thanks for the comment. I have run that line through the debugger and I do get the ScrollView object back. Please see my OP, I have updated it.. I only face one issue now where I cannot bind to the "changing" event – TAS Jul 1 '13 at 20:16

This is a bug in the Kendo UI version I am currently using. As a test, I downloaded the Q2 2013 beta release, ran the same code as shown in my original post, and both events were triggered, as expected.

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