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I am using javascript API to show client assets on a Nokia MAP. The whole Nokia map package is excellent and I have managed to enhance the interface pretty well using the various features available. The problem I have is with the fact that certain assets (buildings) in North Africa are missing when you zoom in onto the area. These assets have been there for the past 4 years. Is this because the maps are old? If so, is there a plan for them to be updated?



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Nokia HERE is still being developed, here's the wikipedia article on it. Is this what you are referring to?

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Making updates to both the satellite imagery and the street maps themselves is a continuing and ongoing task. A recent announcement on Nokia Conversations stated that "better-resolution images covering 90% of global landmass will be available later this year", similarly another post noted that greater detail on the updated street maps was now available in various countries (for example in Tunisia) as part of a rolling program. You may be able to get an answer about a specific location by asking a question comment on the blog.

Alternatively, if a specific place or building is missing from the maps, there are two ways you could help to speed up the process of amending the data.

  1. If you are a business owner and you want your business to be placed on the maps, go to, select location using the widget and fill in the form: - there is also a bulk load facility . Note that whilst in theory anyone could add a place, the business owner will need to confirm and verify the details (such as opening times) before they will be displayed - this stops fraudulent entries being added.

  2. If you wish to alter street maps directly, then you can try adding information using the HERE Map creator - this allows you to update community maps which are later passed into the main core data set. Not all countries are open for editing, if you would like to report a change to a country not yet open for editing, open the Map Creator and navigate to the position you would like to add an object or report a change. Then right-click to open the context menu and left-click on "Report map changes". Select the appropriate type of change and provide as much detail as you can.

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I am working on this in a big company, so it still working where the documentation site Click here! This works with [reference links][blog] as well.

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How does this relate to whether the mapping data is up to date? – middaparka Aug 8 '13 at 14:05
Ok, I will b more accurate, I am working in a fleet company, and all time trucks send waypoints to the server where up to date data are stored. Please refer also to this link…. Please remove your negative qualification – John Velandia Aug 8 '13 at 14:11

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