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I am developing a game called moving together for iphone. The game is, there is a line centre, and 2 men standing back to back each other. Now I use 2 fingers to move them, go far from each other. But remember, there is a rope tied both of them. Now They have to move at the same time and at the same speed. If one of them move wrongly ( such as the Right moves faster than the Left) will lose. if 2 guys go at the same time and same speed ( lets give the speed is about 1 or 2 seconds) then the rope will be torn and they are free then You will win. And then You have to do another 9 more in about 20 seconds, if you can do it you will win the game. I am so new to develop games for iPhone, this is one of the question in the tutorial i have, but i have no idea where to start. Could anyone help me in this. I appreciate the help a lot even though wrong or right. thanks

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The topic of getting started with iPhone game development is a very popular one here. Many questions have been asked about this, including

Many resources for getting started with iPhone development have been listed in the answers to those questions.

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Why not get a book or two on iPhone development? Both Apress and O'Reilly have titles targeted specifically to games.

iPhone Games Projects by PJ Cabrera

iPhone Game Development by Paul Zirkle, Joe Hogue

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Start here, this is "iPhone Developement" course in Stanford University. The lecturers are Apple employees.

It has lots of resources including 23 (1 hour) videos.

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Very broad question...

Start with working through some tutorials on general iPhone programming first. Then have a close look at UIView's animation capabilities.

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