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Would anybody please help generate a regular expression to be validated using javascript ? This regular expression should validate alphanumerical values in addition to the following set of characters:

{. - / \ ( ),'}_ + : ? ® © T

Thanks and best regards..

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Sounds like you want a pattern like this:


Important things to note:

  • ^ and $ match the start and end of the string, respectively, meaning that only these characters are allowed.
  • [ and ] define a character class, which matches any of the characters defined inside the brackets
  • \w matches any alphanumeric character or underscore.
  • I omitted T and _ from the character class they are allowed by \w.
  • \\ is needed to escape the backslash, because that's a special character in regular expressions.
  • - must come at the beginning or end of the character class or else be escaped. Otherwise, it would mean something like a-z any characters between a and z.
  • Many other characters here have special meaning within regular expressions (e.g. ?, +, and ()), but it's not necessary to escape them within a character class.
  • The + on the end means that one or more of these characters is allowed.
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+1 for detailed explanation and not just posting a regex string. –  Pat Lillis Jul 1 '13 at 21:24

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