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Using the Perl Spreadsheet::ParseExcel Module and the Perl Spreadsheet::WriteExcel Module, I am trying to assign a scalar value for a cell with a list value, IF the cell is not blank. The purpose of this is to assign a value of 1 to a cell with a list value present, so that I may add a number of columns together to have a new column with the sum of that row.

For example:

      A    B    C      D   E(Sum Column)

Row2 Science Math History Drama 4

Row3 Math blank Science blank 2

Row4 History Science English blank 3

So, if the cell is not blank or "", it is assigned a value of 1, and if it is blank it is given a value of 0.

How would I go about something like this?

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You can't edit an existing Excel spreadsheet with those modules, other than by using Spreadsheet::ParseExcel::SaveParser

Alternatively, it may be easier to read in the whole spreadsheet using ParseExcel, calculate the sum (by the scalar value of a grep on the row values), and output a new XLS file using WriteExcel

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