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I've just symlinked several of my home subdirectories (.vim, .purple, .Skype, mostly append-only catalogs of fine-grained historical data) into Dropbox folder for hassle-free backup, and now watching Dropbox uploading 20,000+ (400 Mb worth) of files, which is well within my space quota.

I'm pretty sure it will succeed, but I've realized that I know nothing of file count limits of Dropbox.

Does any one have any experience with respect to this very parameter?

I will also write to Dropbox support and post their answer here.

UPD. Success. «You added 33697 files» is said at the Events page.

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Dropbox doesn't impose a limit on the number of files.

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It DOES have a limit in 2 senses as I have just discovered.

The first is the total number of files, which Dropbox itself states that above 300.000 files the performance of Dropbox will decline noticeably. Have a read here: http://www.businessinsider.com/maximimum-number-of-files-dropbox-can-handle-2013-9

Also there is a maximum of files that can be contained in an unshared folder that is than shared. I don't know what the exact limit is, but it gave me an error saying "This folder has too many files to share at once. Please move some files out, try a subfolder, or contact support for assistance." The folder I am trying to share currently contains just above 100.000 files.

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quite interesting. and what would be your solution to share that many files? What's your application that leads you to such a troublesome experience? ;) – spacediver Nov 29 '13 at 18:23

For the problem:

"This folder has too many files to share at once. Please move some files out, try a subfolder, or contact support for assistance."

As posted on dropbox forums:


Folders with over 10,000 files wont share due to technical reasons, once shared they can host over 10,000 files tho. To resolve your problem... move the files out of the folder share the folder move the files back into the folder

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