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I was following the instructions in this answer: View deleted console output

(to set up a file in which Eclipse will record everything that goes to the console (too bad that is not done by default!)), and under:

  • Run Configurations
    • Java Application
      • Common (tab)
        • Standard Input and Output

there are 3 options

  • Workspace...
  • File System...
  • Variables...

I wanted to use "Workspace...", and I selected my workspace, which generated text like this in the text box:


I wanted to specify the file name, and I tried all of these forms:




...but none of them worked. (No errors alerts were thrown, but neither was the text file generated upon running the program.)

(I then gave up and used "File System..." instead of "Workspace...", which takes a standard path such as


, but...)

What is the proper syntax for using "Workspace..."?

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The proper syntax for this is: ${workspace_loc:/myworkspacesubfolder/test.txt} Make sure that you manually create test.txt file in that location. I is not created automatically by eclipse.

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