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I have a simple Sinatra app. It takes a URL via a POST request, processes that URL and returns a code.

It works fine on my local machine through a Curl call:

curl --data-urlencode "path=PATH_HERE" localhost:4567/process

And it returns a JSON response.

However, once it's on production (EC2) I do a similar POST request:

curl --insecure --data-urlencode "path=PATH_HERE"

However, it doesn't return anything. The traffic is definitely going to the EC2 machine, which tcpdump confirms, but I'm not sure if it's actually hitting the Sinatra app.

How would I check if it is hitting the Sinatra app? The log files remain unchanged, checked using tail -f. And, if it's not hitting the app, how would I start investigating the reason?

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Probably the problem is the port. By default HTTP requests go to port 80. You can run your app on that port to fix the problem with:

rackup -p 80
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Even if it's SSL? (note the https in the POST request) – chintanparikh Jul 2 '13 at 14:16
Looks like it's definitely going through port 443 from tcpdump – chintanparikh Jul 2 '13 at 14:18

Your need to change the security policy and allow traffic to port 4567.

Or, as @ismael has suggested, you can run the Rack server on port 80. This would require root privileges and you might need to use sudo rackup -p 80 or rvmsudo rackup -p 80.

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