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Let's say we have a site that's test.com, would test.com/ ever be a different site/file then test.com? I know that the url represents a path to the server to get that file. Going to test.com/file and test.com/file/ could potentially bring up different sites since the latter is a directory. So I was wondering if the same is true for the root.

Or am wrong about the url as well?

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the url represents a path to the server to get that file

This is correct, but this can be any path you choose.

When you create a simple website with nested folders yes you can create something like this:


Which results in for example www.example.com, www.example.com/blog.html and www.example.com/myvideos/list.html

But with some server side settings called rewrites you can make your url behave like anything you want.

I could even redirect urls to entire different servers. Or make 2 different urls go to the same path. Anything you want.

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It all depends on your environment and how it handles the routing. Many frameworks treat url/ and url as aliases, but many frameworks don't. So the answer to your question is yes, it can be different.

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