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    <option value=''>-- Select an Option --</option>
    @foreach ($options as $option)
        <option value='{{ $option->value }}'>{{ $option->name }}</option>

Select the first dynamic option

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$option = $I->grabTextFrom('select option:nth-child(2)');
$I->selectOption("select", $option);
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Is there a way to detect the number of available options? –  realtebo Jun 5 at 12:37
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sorry i do not have submit button, in my case i have to select the dropdown element and somehow need to tell the codeception to finish the selection.At the moment i can select but that select is not visible as i suppose the selection is not finished somehow.Below is my code to select the element.

$I->selectOption('//*[@class="ng-scope" and @ng-controller="dataIsland"]/*[local-  name()="select"]','partlycloudy');
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