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I am unsure what is wrong with my code. I thought that I set the range correctly but maybe not. I did try to set multiple ranges. The error is on the last main row of code "Range("CL_Paid").Paste"

 Sub test()

 Dim HR_Paid, HR_Unpaid, E_Paid, E_Unpaid, SE_Paid, SE_Unpaid, CL_Paid, CL_Unpaid As Range
 Set HR_Paid = Sheets("Data").Range("A1:L49")
 Set HR_Unpaid = Sheets("Data").Range("A50:L99")
 Set E_Paid = Sheets("Data").Range("A100:L149")
 Set E_Unpaid = Sheets("Data").Range("A150:L199")
 Set SE_Paid = Sheets("Data").Range("A200:L249")
 Set SE_Unpaid = Sheets("Data").Range("A250:L299")
 Set CL_Paid = Sheets("Data").Range("A300:L349")
 Set CL_Unpaid = Sheets("Data").Range("A350:L399")

   With Sheets("Data")
     ViewMode = ActiveWindow.View
     ActiveWindow.View = xlNormalView
     .DisplayPageBreaks = False
     Firstrow = .UsedRange.Cells(1).Row
     Lastrow = .UsedRange.Rows(.UsedRange.Rows.Count).Row
     For Lrow = Lastrow To Firstrow Step -1
          With .Cells(Lrow, "D")

              If Not IsError(.Value) Then

                  If .Value = ("CL") Then .EntireRow.Cut

             End If

        End With

    Next Lrow
  End With

 End Sub
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2 Answers 2

Did you intentionally use the one-line version of the If...Then statement?

The indentation of the line below the If looks as though you think it relates to the If in some way. You have this:

If .Value = ("CL") Then .EntireRow.Cut

which has the same effect as this:

If .Value = ("CL") Then
End If


when I suspect that you really want this:

If .Value = ("CL") Then
End If

You are therefore trying to Paste regardless of whether or not the Cut ever happened.

Details on the different versions of the If...Then statement are here

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+1, good catch and nicely explained. – Doug Glancy Jul 1 '13 at 22:50

CLPaid is already a Range so use Cl_Paid.Paste. However, Paste applies to a Worksheet, not a Range, so you might consider PasteSpecial. Alternatively,

.EntireRow.Cut CL_Paid

will Cut and Paste (to a Destination) in one step, without using the clipboard.

Note also that

Dim HR_Paid, HR_Unpaid, E_Paid, etc As Range

does not (in VBA) define all these are Range references. They are all Variant's except for the last one. You would have to use:

Dim HR_Paid As Range, HR_Unpaid As Range, E_Paid As Range, etc
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