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i am developing game application for iphone.In my application there is one object(fly).In my application this object move straight forwared using animation but i want to move object realistic.so path should be curve.please advice me about my question.

Edit:how can I create path with arc like flying an object from one place to another using curves...?

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Have a look at CAKeyframeAnimation, thats the way to do such things. –  Till Nov 16 '09 at 10:53

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For example code that performs an animation along a curved path, you can consult my answer to this question. As Till suggests, you'll want to use a CAKeyframeAnimation with a Core Graphics curved path set to the animation's path property.

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I created a tutorial that includes a working example of animating a view object (a UImageView) along a curved path, and posted it on GitHub. You can find it here:

Core Animation demo

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