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I currently have an app that makes a request through an API call, and returns the data. I created two date methods (the request uses these dates as parameters), so that it always calls the data from last week:

def self.monday
  d = Date.today
  seven_days_ago = (d - 7)

def self.sunday
  d = Date.today
  seven_days_ago = (d - 7)

I would like to use these monday and sunday methods as the default values for the application, but if the user inputs dates in a form, these methods will be overwritten by the inputted values. These inputted values should stay as the user is navigating the site, until there is a new session, or they clear the values (thus sending the methods back to their default values).

How would I create a form that doesn't save dates to a database, but just overwrites the default dates in the two methods above? Then those dates should stay active until they clear that form, or they start a new session?

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def self.monday(options = {})
  if options[:date]
    return Date.parse(options[:date])
    d = Date.today
    seven_days_ago = (d - 7)
    return seven_days_ago.beginning_of_week

Will use default date


Will use specific date

whatever.monday(:date => '2013-07-01')
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How could I get the :date information to the method? My form asks for two dates, :first_date, and :second_date. :first_date would be wired to self.monday, and :second_date would go to self.sunday. –  user2495205 Jul 1 '13 at 22:11
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