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I've got a very simple object, called "tag" that has only a string primary key. When I go to edit it...

var tag = Restangular.one('tags', 'cat')
  .get(function() { // fetches { id: 'cat' } from server

    // edit the tag
    tag.id = 'dog';

    // save changes
    tag.post().then(beHappy, beSad);

The request that gets sent off is a call to:

POST /tags/cat/dog

with the correct data:

{ id: 'dog' }

I have no doubt that everything work fine if I wasn't trying to modify my primary key, but my server-side REST API isn't expecting the /oldId/newId format, and so I get a 404. Is this a bug in Restangular, or does my REST API need repairing?

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Apparently I've been doing CRUD wrong, doing POST for updates and PUT for creates, which is exactly backwards.

Changing it to tag.put() fixed it.

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