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I want to get like a jQuery UI effect that flips a div.

An example would be clicking "forgot password" on this site:

You will notice the whole signup div flips to the back of it.

How would I achieve this effect?

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what things have you tried? – Joseph Marikle Jul 1 '13 at 21:44

They are using Flippant, very simple and cool. Its mostly based on CSS transform effects and animations.

I highly recommend this option over the use of a jQuery plugin if you just want to flip things back and forth.

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Not sure if this should qualify as an answer or comment, but check out . I think the amount of code required to create a cross browser flipping effect is a little too much to ask without trying yourself and getting close

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For a very simple and crude flip effect, you could just animate the width to zero, swap the content, then animate the width back to its original value.

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This is a simple animation using CSS

Basically you create a front and back div in a container. Rotate the back one 180 degrees over the Y axis. When you want to flip, you rotate the container 180 degrees. Add smooth transition and your done.

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