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We are interested in using breezejs with nodejs by way of edgejs. To do so, we need to bypass ASP.NET WebAPI. Any insight on how to do this? It looks like we need to

  1. Get Metadata out using EFContextProvider.Metadata() and convert to JSON (using JsonFormatter?)
  2. Get IQueryable in an appropriate way for queiries. What's the right shape for this? How does the query actually get executed?
  3. Save changes using EFContextProvider.SaveChanges with a JSON object retrieved from the client. (Using JsonFormatter?)

Are there any ideas on how to do this? Is there anything we are missing?

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We will be releasing a Node/Express/Mongo Db sample and adapters within the next couple of weeks. Some of the code from this work should be illustrative in trying to accomplish what you want.

Prior to that, your best bet is to look at the Breeze.WebApi source. Most of this code is NOT WebApi specific and you may be able to refactor it. This is something that we will be looking at doing ourselves at some point in the future when we implement a ServiceStack alternative to WebApi.

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