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I have two 32bit vectors one derived from other by mathematical/logical transform. Is there a Perl/C library which can look up what kind of transform(Or list of all possible transforms that library is capable of inferring) has been applied ?

Case1. 968eac37 -> 968eac37  
Case2. 12345678 -> 23456781 
Case3. 614e1973 -> 30f7150d

1. No transform
2. Bit wise shift left 4 or trivial addition
3. Trivial subtraction or something else or unknown
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No, this would involve actually applying all the transforms to check the results. Any transform that involved encryption would be by definition not determinable.

Take the case of "trivial subtraction". How would you distinguish that from "trivial addition/multiplication modulo 32 bits"?

Your underlying question is really "how do I undo encryption", which for any sufficiently strong encryption is impossible. For "weak" encryptions there can be multiple answers, so there is no such library.

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I came across this problem while debugging hardware - where one vector got transformed to another (erroneously) usually because the data path was wired incorrectly. What if I restrict to simple logical transform operations ? Like shifting bits,reverse bits etc ? –  Jean Jul 2 '13 at 15:33
Given any two random 32-bit strings I can easily come up with any number of sets of logical operations that transforms one into the other. For example, given two random bit-srings, A and B, calculate C = (A xor B). Now (C xor A) produces B and (C xor B) produces A. This can be done for ANY two bit-strings of the same length. –  Jim Garrison Jul 2 '13 at 15:57

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