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Is there any good tutorial for learn how to use Class Based Generics Views in Django? I think that the documentation is not quite good and i'm a little bit lost when i try to do not usual things with the ListView, DetailView, CreateView, UpdateView and the other ones. I've read the Django documentation , The Django Book and a lot of google search.But i feel that i'm still not comfortable with my knowledges. Thanks

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Please, be a little more specific: what not usual things can't you do with Django CBV? Also, Django is open source - so, when documentation doesn't help me, I'm going to read source. –  soon Jul 1 '13 at 22:29
Ok George, i thought that when there's no other good place to ask for, maybe stack overflow could be my solution. Thanks anyway. –  azuax Jul 1 '13 at 23:19

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Yes, here are three excellent screencasts by GoDjango:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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wow, excelent material thanks Michael –  azuax Jul 1 '13 at 23:15

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