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I'm fairly new to ImageMagick.

I wrote the following command to 1) scale an image, 2) resize the canvas with transparent space, 3) place the scaled image at the bottom of the canvas, 4) save the result over the original file.

convert TreeTest.png -resize 144x216 -background none -gravity South -extent 192x288 -set filename:output %t.%e %[filename:output]

It works! And does exactly what I wanted (after 15-20 minutes of looking up the documentation for the different commands).

What confuses me is that a seemingly equivalent command using 'mogrify' instead of 'convert' has no discernable results.

Here's the mogrify command I'm trying to use:

mogrify TreeTest.png -resize 144x216 -background none -gravity South -extent 192x288

The result is, as far as I can tell, no change to the image. I get zero error messages or warnings (making it seem like the command executed correctly), but the image is the exact same as before.

What am I doing wrong?

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Uh, weird, I figured out the problem. For others encountering the same thing, here's the solution:

The filename ("TreeTest.png") needs to go at the end of the mogrify command to function properly. Why? I'm not sure.

But this command works as expected:

mogrify -resize 144x216 -background none -gravity South -extent 192x288 TreeTest.png

(The only difference is 'TreeTest.png' was moved to the end of the command)

Thanks for the rapid response, myself! I didn't expect to get an answer so quickly. I'd feel rather awkward chosing my own answer as "the best answer", so I'll wait and see if anyone can explain why no warnings/errors were omitted, and explain the reason for why the input comes at the front of convert commands, but at the end of mogrify commands.

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Over a year has gone by, so I guess I'm 'best-answering' myself. –  Jamin Grey Jul 28 at 20:23
*gasp* My answer got chosen as the best answer. This is such a stirring moment... –  Jamin Grey Jul 28 at 20:24

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