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According to this answer: Is com.vividsolutions.jts.geom.Geometry directly transportable using requestfactory? Geometry is ( a particular case of a type that is ) non- transportable using requestfactory.

So then would this work? :

public class Poi  {

    private Integer id;

    private Geometry geom;

    //bi-directional many-to-one association to PoiCateg
    private PoiCateg poiCateg;

    private Integer version;

    public Poi() {

    public Integer getId() {
        return this.id;

    public void setId(Integer id) {
        this.id = id;

    public Geometry getGeom() {
        return this.geom;

    public void setGeom(Geometry geom) {
        this.geom = geom;

    public PoiCateg getPoiCateg() {
        return this.poiCateg;

    public void setPoiCateg(PoiCateg poiCateg) {
        this.poiCateg = poiCateg;

//not your standard getters and setters

public String getGeomClient() {
        return //result of method that converts from Geometry object to WKT string representation 

    public void setGeomClient(String geom) {
        this.geom = // result of method that converts from String to Geometry

and then my modified entity proxy for Poi would look like:

public interface PoiProxy implements EntityProxy {

    public Integer getId() ;

    public void setId(Integer id);

    public PoiCategEntityProxy getPoiCateg() ;

    public void setPoiCateg(PoiCateg poiCateg);

//not your standard getters and setters

    public String getGeomClient() ;

    public void setGeomClient(String geom) ;

since getGeomClient and setGeomClient in the server entity contain a geometry type will it be a problem on the client?

EDIT1: forgot about @Version private Integer version; mistake fixed.

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Not only it'll work but that's the (simplest) way to make it work.

Alternatives involve using wrappers/builders. I've also seen people using EntityProxys where the stringified value is used as the identifier, but beware that RequestFactory requires a per-request cache.

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would my approach be considered bad practice, as opposed to say using a wrapper (you said it's the simplest not the best way ) ? –  osh Jul 2 '13 at 3:33
I don't think there's any "best" way. How about having a field of type String and possibly building a Geometry on-the-fly (possibly cached) for the cases where you need to deal with it has an object? (the "best" way would probably be to avoid doing unnecessary conversions) –  Thomas Broyer Jul 2 '13 at 8:11
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