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Hello I develop My Php Apps with Netbeans. If i acces a object like this $this->db-> and hit the space key it just shows me "No suggestions". But if i acces the same object like this $this->db- and hit the space key it shows me correct suggestions for complettiong the code. Is this a bug a feature or is this the correct php syntax like $this->db-q which i dont think its the correct syntax for accesing objects.

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I think, it's a bug. It is correct if $this->db and q are numbers, where q is a constant. But $this->db is a db object, isn't it?

If you use this

 * @var DbClassName
 public $db;

maybe Netbeans will find you what you want.

EDIT: This one works, but this is a nightly build. There could be other bugs:


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The $this->db is a db object thats correct –  streetparade Nov 16 '09 at 11:31

If you type "$this->db->" and it doesn't show code completion options then try Ctrl-Space rather than just space. I'm using 6.7.1 and I haven't noticed the problem you are describing.

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hy sorry it should be the ctrl key plus the space key –  streetparade Nov 22 '09 at 23:30

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