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I have an ActiveRecord model that uses the ActiveRecordstore feature to turn a textfield into a Hash, to give the record pseudo-noSQL like behavior (ignore for the fact that I'm not using the accessors option):

class Book < ActiveRecord::Base 
   store :infodump

book = Book.new
book.infodump[:color] = green
puts book.infodump[:color]
# => green

This works fine enough, but I want the infodump to be treated as a Hashie::Mash object so that I can do this:

book = Book.new
book.infodump.author_info = {name: 'Bob', location: {city: 'Manhattan', state: 'NY'}}
puts book.infodump.author_info.location.state
# => NY

If you're not familiar with the Hashie gem, it allows you to give useful features to a Hash...in this case, treating a hash key-store as if it were an object with dot-accessible attributes: https://github.com/intridea/hashie

The Mash object in particular automatically bestows these conveniences even upon nested hashes, which is why I want my infodump store to be treated as a Hashie::Mash object.

So how do I initialize that attribute to be a Hashie::Mash? I started off by doing a before_initialize callback to do something like this:

 def make_mash
     infodump = Hashie::Mash.new(infodump)

But then that runs every time the object is instantiated...I only need this object conversion done once in the lifetime of the object.

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In my models I use serialize which allows passing a type to serialize to/from

serialize :infodump, Array

this method serializes objects to yaml so Hashie::Mash needs to have respective methods implemented.

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