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In a CQ jsp it's easy to access the currentPage object by simply calling currentPage.getPath(). But I'm trying to remove any scrip lets and separate them out into a model class and can't figure out how to access the currentPage object. I thought I could do something like:

public void setResource(Resource resource){

But that returns something like:


I'm just looking to return /content/home/subPage/. I'm trying to use resources to get the path but can't find anything to do this. I know this must be something small that I'm just overlooking. Thanks for the help!

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you are getting jcr:content/banner because you are calling the resource of a component inside a page, not the page itself.

to get the current page from a component you can use the PageManager:

PageManager pageManager= resource.getResourceResolver().adaptTo(PageManager.class);

Page currentPage = pageManager.getContainingPage(resource);

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Awesome! Thank you worked perfect! –  Delmon Young Jul 2 '13 at 13:30

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