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So, say I have created some records/documents under a bucket and the user updates only one column out of 10 in the RDBMS, so I am trying to send only that one columns data and update it in couchbase. But the problem is that couchbase is overwriting the entire record and putting NULL`s for the rest of the columns.

One approach is to copy all the data from the exisiting record after fetching it from Cbase, and then overwriting the new column while copying the data from the old one. But that doesn`t look like a optimal approach

Any suggestions?

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That's how couchbase/couchdb works. Each document must be written as a whole. you can't write individual parts. – WiredPrairie Jul 2 '13 at 2:30

You can use N1QL update Statments google for Couchbase N1QL

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If you're using structured (json) data, you need to read the existing record then update the field you want in your program's data structure and then send the record up again. You can't update individual fields in the json structure without sending it all up again. There isn't a way around this that I'm aware of.

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It is indeed true, to update individual items in a JSON doc, you need to fetch the entire document and overwrite it.

We are working on adding individual item updates in the near future.

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has there been a new update individual items feature implemented yet ? – ChickenWing24 Jul 31 '15 at 6:46

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