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I'd like to highlight text in a specific field Estado(state) currently it has 3 states, "activo", "inactivo" and "pendiente" , when it matchs to pendiente i want to highlight the text changing the color to red, but no idea where to do the corresponding modifications.

I'm attaching an image to a better view.

enter image description here

thanks in advance

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it called callback_column it will "process" the column before it shown to user.

here's example

public function webpages()
$c = new grocery_CRUD();   
$output = $c->render();

public function _callback_active_state($value, $row)
  if ($row->estado == 'pendiente'){
  return "<pre style='color:red'>".$row->estado."</pre>";}
  else {return $row->estado;}
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thanks a lot, just what I need. –  Rodrigo Cabrera Jul 2 '13 at 15:00

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