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TL;DR How do you close the ActiveRecord connection to the database server after you've joined a thread?

I have a rake task that runs a maintenance task over and over again, but needs to enforce a time limit on the tasks (and report an error, etc.). I accomplish this by using and #join(timeout), then #kill if it takes too long. Unfortunately after a few iterations, I receive:

PG::Error: FATAL: remaining connection slots are reserved for non-replication superuser connections

It appears that Rails is automatically creating a new ActiveRecord connection every time the thread starts.

The problem goes away when I run ActiveRecord::Base.connection.close within the thread, but unfortunately I can not do that because of the #join.

Here's the simplified code:

while true
  thr = {

  unless thr.join(10)

  sleep 1
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Sticking this after the join block seems to work:

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