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I'm trying to figure out how to get data from facebook, at the moment I am trying to get devices from myself without using Oauth. (I dont know how to sign in with my app with restfb)

I tried getting the data regularly, and then I tried getting a JsonObject List.

I know I use devices from facebook, here is my code:

String query = "select devices from user where username='vnge6'";

Here is getting a JsonObject List:

List<JsonObject> queryResults = fbClient.executeFqlQuery(query, JsonObject.class);

The output is:


This is what I am expecting from Facebook Graph Explorer:

  "data": [
      "devices": [
          "os": "Android"
          "os": "iOS", 
          "hardware": "iPhone"

This for sure is not OAuth, but it can get me some data about myself

AccessToken accessToken = this.obtainAppAccessToken(APP_ID, APP_SEC);
this.accessToken = accessToken.getAccessToken();
fbClient = new DefaultFacebookClient(this.accessToken);
user = fbClient.fetchObject("vnge6", User.class);

Any suggestions?

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